Website design for Grimau

The Grimau family has been working for generations to produce genuinely handcrafted wines in Torreblanca estate in Vilanova. While during the twentieth century the main production focused on wines, later that we began to produce champagne. The company has commissioned IGRAFIQ from designing the website to online marketing company.

The design of the website is to offer a clean image of modernity. It has chosen a wordpress technology to provide an easy site to administer because the customer wants to manage the content therein. It is a website that will change over time. Typography text provides lightweight making it enjoyable to read.

In terms of web programming, the website incorporates a lot of javascript to make transitions and motion effects to convey an image of professionalism and amazing new users away from the static image of many websites.

The website is responsive, that is, it adapts to mobile, allowing us to offer a version of the website from which you access the website. This helps the SEO positioning of the website and facilitates access to information, in a quick and friendly manner to users.

As for online marketing, you will begin with the diffusion brand by social networks with a social media plan promoting channels of Facebook, twitter and instagram, and secondly a plan of web SEO that allows choosing the keywords its sector, organize all your images with tools like google my business.

Finally, given the aim of offering the website in several languages, it has been translated into Catalan and Castilian. Coming soon will be available in more languages

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Website design for Grimau