Domain registration

Registration, renewal and transfer of domain names. With direct personal attention, carrying out all the technical and administrative management.

A domain name is a distinctive identity badge that’s essential for your publicity. The registration, renewal or transfer of domain names is carried out with the assistance of specialized technical personnel, who take care of the whole process, freeing the client from the technical and administrative details.

Also, free with your domain name, get a manageable informative website.

What is a domain name?
A web page must have an address that, when written in the browser’s address bar, leads directly to it. This address is based on an Internet domain name, for example,, which is registered with one of the relevant agencies.

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Domain name registration

  • includes technical/administrative management
  • direct personal attention
  • registration fee included
  • administrable provisional (“parking”) page free of charge
  • possibility of redirection to another existing web page
  • extensions (TLDs): .com, .es, .org, .info, .net ó .eu (consult others)

.com, .es, .org, .info, .net ó .eu, per year for


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Subject to availability

Registration of the domain name is subject to the availability of the name chosen at the time the service is used. If not available you will be offered some alternatives based on your preferences.


Domain name renewal is carried out automatically in your service contract, whilst the domain renewal date with the registration authority does not have to coincide with the contract renewal date.

Advanced web presence

You can reserve a domain name and place in it a completely administrable provisional website, until the definitive website is complete.

Domain Registration