Technical Maintenance

It’s the essential technical maintenance of a website which guarantees its smooth operation. Maintenance solves any possible errors which may occur, as well as their prevention through precautionary updates and security measures.


  • incident resolution
  • periodic backups
  • protection against security breaches


  • updates
  • compatibility with latest browsers
  • Technological migration facilities


Technical maintenance prices are annual. IgrafiQ websites based on WordPress, present in all our projects, have fixed maintenance rates, to which should be added the optional installed web module prices. Starting packs also include discounts on technical maintenance. Each product file includes specific information on prices and conditions.

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What use are the updates?

The components that form a website, particularly programs and modules (software), are updated over time to incorporate security, reliability, performance and compatibility improvements.

It is important to keep these components up to date to prevent security breaches, data loss, or incompatibilities with other components that are incorporated in the future.

These changes do not affect the functionality of the website, meaning the website continues to do its job, but improves with each update.

Through the technical maintenance service specialized personnel perform these periodic tasks manually in a controlled manner, making backups and subsequently performing functional tests.

Security and version updates

With the maintenance, all necessary safety updates are carried out throughout the service period.

Once a year, when you renew your maintenance contract, a general update of the product version is made, if available. This improves the performance of the site and usually incorporates visible operational improvements.

As an independent service, it is possible to order a version update at any time, and as with technical maintenance, its price is determined by the product in question. This update is not included as part of the technical maintenance, meaning it is charged separately and does not affect the update that includes the maintenance in its renewal, which will still be carried out if there are new versions of the product.

Are hosting and domain name included?

No. Technical maintenance is a service which is independent of web Hosting and the registration/renewal of domain names.

Automatic periodic checks

Websites with technical maintenance periodically pass a battery of performance tests that inform technical staff about possible anomalies before a user experiences them.

Are minor modifications covered?

Over the year it is common to carry out minor modifications or complementary works on a website, for example to change a text or to review a graphic aspect. For this reason, each maintenance service renewal includes up to two periods of technical assistance of 1 hour.

Can you maintain a website that isn’t built by IgrafiQ?

In order to contract maintenance on websites developed by third parties, or on their own that do not currently have maintenance, it is essential to carry out
a process of technical adaptation through the web page Redesign service.

Technical web maintenance

  • Incident resolution
  • Direct technical attention
  • Periodic security copies
  • 20% discount on technical assistance by the hour
  • Security updates

60€ / year

Technical Maintenance