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Email marketing allows us to reach our clients using email and the distribution of newsletters. Email is the form of communication most used in the present day, with the internet and social networks empowering the search for information, clients and providers. We are experts in the delivery of authorized publicity using these networks. We offer an immediate, attractive, effective and economical service to our clients.


Personalized Email Marketing Campaigns

Make the most of your database with the launch of promotions, publicity campaigns or loyalty actions through mail or email. Reduced costs for a huge personalized impact.

Design and Programming of Landing Pages

Landing pages, which the users arrive at when they click the promotional email links, are particularly important as they have a direct impact on the Investment Return (ROI) of the campaign.

Design and Programming HTML Mail

Have you ever considered why there are email marketing campaigns that don’t work? The product’s good, the promotion is good, the landing page is acceptable, but they just don’t get the job done. It’s usually because the HTML that is sent to the users is badly programmed.

Measurement and Optimization

When we take any action in Marketing we should make an assessment of all possible aspects of the campaign. In direct channels such as Email Marketing it’s very important to evaluate all the actions of the mailing on the user.


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  • Design and programming Html Mail
  • Design and programming Landing Page
  • Set the ideal frequency for the mailings
  • Evaluate and analize the reception statistics and opening of links to measure their efficacy
  • Personalized campaigns
  • Know if the messages are being classified as spam
  • Know if the subscribers are opening the mailings we send
  • Know if they are clicking on the links that we attach in the messages
  • Know if they are sharing our information in the social media
  • Gaining customer loyalty
  • New products/services promotion
  • Increasing web traffic
  • Increasing sales

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