Administrable web hosting provides the disc space, the server, the Internet connection and the email options for your web page, all with technical assistance for the installation.

Focusing on the end customer, managed web hosting is available only for our migrated products and pages, assuring the quality and security of a controlled environment and limited to professional use.

We offer a customized web hosting, without technical support limitations, with total freedom for the development of computing applications of any kind.

Managed hosting offers the necessary technical assistance for the installation and deployment of the website, initial configuration of accounts, and assessment and advice on the contract needed, so you do not need technical skills to take advantage of it.

Managed Hosting for end customers, with the installation assisted by technical personnel, so that everything works on request.

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Client area administration
Initial installation assisted by technical personnel. Control panel for client area administration.

The control panel includes database administration, direct access to hosting content (files) and FTP accounts.

Security copies
Daily security copies.

High performance
Dedicated IP
Electronic mail
Admin panel Plesk 12
Dedicated system Cent OS 7.1
100 Mbit/s port

WordPress-optimized hosting
Improved performance and security for hosting web applications based on WordPress.

The hosting service is offered to the end customer and is not aimed at other companies or IT professionals who resell the service.

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Bring your current website

We only host web applications that include technical maintenance, to assure their security and efficient operation.

For the same reason, before hosting a website we apply a full technical assessment. If this applies to you consult our technical maintenance registration service.

In any case, we don’t host games pages, download pages or badly programmed web pages which put put at risk the overall quality of our service.

Control panel

This service is not aimed at resellers, providers or clients with their own web programming staff.

From the client area you can manage email accounts and other technical features.

Other payment methods

Bi-annual and quarterly contracts are available, with a surcharge of 2 € per extra receipt.

If you have contracted the management of the website associated with your hosting there is no surcharge. In these cases monthly payment is permitted, equally without surcharge.